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Getting started

Around template you are currently viewing is a Static HTML (Bootstrap 5) Temaplate, NOT a WordPress Theme!

Please DO NOT try to install Around files into WordPress this will not work. If you need a WordPress version of Around do not hesitate to contact us via email support@createx.studio. We'll put you on the waiting list and notify you when Around WordPress is released.


Make sure you are familiar with the following technologies before purchasing Around HTML (Bootstrap 5) Template:

  • HTML / CSS / JS (required)
  • Bootstrap 5 (required)
  • Sass / Scss (highly recommended). It's much easier to customize a template using Scss variables then find and replace codde in vanilla CSS.
  • Pug (optional)*. Pug is a high performance Node.js Templating Engine for HTML.
  • Gulp (optional)*. Gulp is a task runner and automation tool. It will help you to compile Scss, bundle JS modules, minifies output files, etc.
  • Npm (optional)*. Npm is a package manager for Node. With Npm can manage (install, update, delete) your project dependencies much easier.

* All the configuration files like package.json and gulfile.js are included in the download package.

Next steps

There are 2 ways of customizing Around template:

  1. Using Pro Front-end Setup (highly recommended)
  2. Editing CSS directly or using GUI tool (Prepros.io) to compile Scss